1. Government maintenance contracts – Department of Housing.
  2. Commercial property maintenance.
    Remote infrastructure installation – Mining camps and related infrastructure.
  3. Civil works – Above and underground power supply, design and project supervision.
  4. Scheduled maintenance including, but not limited to, testing and tagging, RCD testing, emergency light testing, smoke alarm testing, etc.

With extensive experience across the majority of commercial style electrical work, plus a link to the other Add Business Group divisions, our electrical team is skilled in working smoothly with other trades to ensure that project timelines, costs and client expectations are met.

We are mindful of the often-challenging situations project managers face when juggling a series of different trades, all with different expectations of what the job should look like and how it should progress. We have been exposed to these situations quite often and are aware of the different ways to meet project delivery whilst having other trades to work in and around.

  • Site Power
  • Temporary power supply
  • Generators

Add Electrical currently has brand new paralleled, synchronized, load tested generators under warranty and in stock available for hire or purchase.

  • Remote power

  • Accommodation power and communications installations


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